Our Nursery

We are set in an open plan nursery where all our children are together for most of the day foractivities, meal times and free flow play.

Baby room

Our babies have a separate room so they have a quiet, stimulating environment in which they can explore and interact with other babies of their own age. This area enables the babies to learn, grow and bond with their individual key person whilst having a fun time too.

We help our new babies settle in and are able to have discussions with parents about routines, relevant information and any worries about leaving their child for the first time. All babies receive a communication book which is filled in by their key person every day they attend our nursery.

We try to follow a baby’s routine as closely as it would be at home so that the babies feel secure and settled during their day at nursery. They have a wide variety of toys, treasure baskets, books, soft toys and musical toys to play with during the day as well as been included in the messy activities and outdoor play that the older children enjoy.

The baby room has some cots that the babies can sleep in and we like to put soft music and lights on when they are asleep.

All children have access to the baby room for sleep and quiet time. This is to meet all children’s individual needs if requiring rest.

Toddler/Pre-school area

As we are based in one large room our toddlers and pre-school children have the opportunity to play alongside each other and together with friends. We operate free flow play and all children have the opportunity to engage in this. All children in these groups have their own key person who is responsible for observing them, building up portfolios and planning for next steps in their development. All toddlers have a daily record sheet so that parents and carers know what their child has done during the day.

We have a messy area, construction area, book corner and home corner which all children can play in. The pre-school area has a listening centre and computer in it so the toddlers are able to access it with supervision. The pre-school area also has games, jigsaws and toys that only appropriate for children over three.

We ask parents to fill in a warm welcome sheet and tell us a little bit about their child’s like and dislikes to help settle into our nursery.

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