Our Nursery

We are set in a large open space where the children have the opportunity to play all together throughout the day and are together at meal times.

We do however have separate areas within the nursery for Babies, Toddlers and Preschool children. Where they can access more age appropriate activities and use resources that will help further their development.

Baby Room

Our babies have a separate room so they have a quiet, stimulating environment in which they can explore and interact with other babies of their own age. This area enables the babies to learn, grow and bond with their individual key person whilst having a fun time too.

To help our new babies settle in we have discussions with parents/carers about routines, relevant information and any worries about leaving their child for the first time. Parents will receive a welcome pack with lots of information regarding the nursery to take home and read.

We try to follow a babys routine as closely as it would be at home so that the babies feel secure and settled during their day at nursery. They will have a wide variety of toys, treasure baskets, books, musical instruments etc they can play with during the day as well as exciting creative/messy activities and regular use of the outdoor area.

The sleep room is attached to the baby room but can be used separately without children being disturbed. We like to put soft music and lights on to make it a calming environment when they are asleep.

All children have access to the sleep room for a nap or a rest at any time. This is to meet all childrens individual needs.

Toddler/ Pre-school

As we are based in a large room our babies, toddlers and pre-school children have the opportunity to play alongside each other and together with friends or even family.

Toddler and Preschool children do however have there own separate areas which are catered for their specific age, needs and abilities, where they can follow their individual interests and take part in planned activities set out by staff to further their knowledge and learning.

We operate a 'free flow' play where the children can freely choose and access all provisions including the outside area at all times throughout the day. Staff with adapt and add different resources and materials to activities to help enhance children's understanding and development.

All children in the nursery have their own key person who is responsible for observing them, building up portfolios and planning for next steps to meet their individual needs.

Throughout the day all the children have the opportunity to participate in messy and creative activities, there are a variety of small world and construction toys, areas to read books and join in with songs and circle time and roleplay areas to play imaginatively using a wide range of resources such as doctors set, tea sets, dolls etc.

Babies and Toddlers have daily diaries that will tell you all about their day and information on what they have eaten and toileting these will be sent home at the end of the session. Staff will also send you 'wow' moments via email through the Kinderly app with pics of what your child/ren have been enjoying at nursery and messages you can reply to.

Children in pre-school will have information regarding activities and mealtimes on notice boards displayed near the nursery door. Pre-school staff will also send you 'wow' moments via email linked to the Kinderly App with photos/observations of things your child has been doing that day. Children will also have their own individual drawers where they can have the freedom and independence of putting their own work away.

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