Our Day

Throughout the day a wide range of play and learning activities are available for all ages. We adopt a free flow play environment and encourage all children to be involved in all activities that they are interested in both indoors and out.

The topics we do are based on the children’s interests and needs. Staff plan both adult led activities and child initiated ones taking into account the age and stage of development of each child which helps them to learn new skills.

The Morning session is 8am until 12.45pm.

8.00am - Nursery openschildren are welcomed by the staff. Parents and carers have an opportunity to talk to staff and pass on any messages about their child. (Parents are not currently allowed in the nursery setting at this time)

9.30am - Snack time. We provide a snack for all children on a morning which will either be toast or cereal. Drinks of milk and water are provided at both snack times and children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day from their own water bottles/cups which are provided from home.

12.00 - Lunch is made every day in the Explore library's onsite kitchen by Bev, our Nursery cook. Bev prepares a healthy home cooked, well balanced two course meal (examples include Spaghetti Bolognese, Roast Dinner, Fish and Chips. Puddings include fruit and yoghurt, sponge and custard, fruit and ice cream). All diets and special food requirements can be catered for.

We are a NUT FREE zone

The Afternoon session is 1.00pm - 5.30pm

2.30pm - snack time.We provide an afternoon snack which is a variety of fruit. we also have crackers, rice cakes and breadsticks.

4.00pm - Teatime. We provide a small light tea which includes sandwiches, sausage rolls, cucumber sticks, fruit and yoghurts.

5.30pm- Nursery closes - we ask that you do arrive no later than 5.25pm so we get the opportunity to talk to you about your child's day or pass on any information.

For more information on the ways in which we encourage development, please see the Learning page.

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