Our Team

Burnholme Nursery employs 10 members of qualified and experienced staff who have a genuine understanding of children's individual needs.

All staff are fully trained in paediatric first aid, safeguarding and food hygiene and attend regular training courses to help further develop your child's care and learning. We pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of the staff have remained at Burnholme Nursery for many years and know each other very well.

A specific member of staff will be responsible for your child, offering stability and continuity for both child and parent/carer. This is your childs key person.

A key persons role is to support your child whilst settling into the nursery, they will be there for you to discuss anything regarding your child that you think will help their transition into nursery and for babies, their daily routines. A key person will also observe and plan activities and experiences to help further your Child's learning and development this will be collected in an individual learning journey along with evidence from home. You can look at your child's learning journey at any time and we encourage you to add things into it for example, photographs and statements on anything they may have been doing out of nursery.

Associated Documents:

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